Who We Are

The Delma Institute is an interdisciplinary research house that aims to advance the quality of knowledge and data analysis linked to the United Arab Emirates and, by extension, the Middle East region and the world.

Delma, which means “a bucket of water” (dalu ma’a) in Arabic, is the name of an island off the western coast of the UAE. Historically, Delma was famous for its fresh water springs, particularly among sailors who would stop at the island to restock their water supplies.

This Is Not a Statement

We start in the United Arab Emirates. We are curious about the building blocks of human experience, livelihoods, cities, economies, nations and realms further beyond; but this is where we begin – at home.

We are attentive to the remarkable momentum that animates this country and we endeavour, all preconceived notions aside, to understand its place in the arc of history, both as a polity and, more broadly, as a land where a condensation of potential has converged.

With its level of exposure to the world, the UAE offers a natural context for global studies, one in which political histories, emergent economies and overlooked cultures can be both challenged and learned from.

Away from traditional patterns, we see a multiplicity of lines that could be drawn between Asia and Latin America, through the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.

We believe that an excess of information does not translate into an abundance of knowledge; and we maintain that interdisciplinarity, which drives our research, is the prism through which that essential conversion can materialise.

We respect enquiry. We strive for insights that are grounded in theory and executable in the real world – the stuff that public policy can be built on. Whether we are studying the energy sector or urban planning, gender relations or economic trends, we deconstruct issues and explore possibilities.

We are independent and hybrid. We are neither for-profit nor not-for-profit: We provide advisory services to private clients to finance our public research.

This is essentially an ideas start-up. More soon.

How We Work


Our Lenses



Examine dynamics and detect patterns in the local, regional and global political sphere.



Study the potential and sustainability of the UAE’s economic model.



Identify key social issues and trends in the UAE and the wider Gulf.

Defence & Security


Analyse threats and opportunities relating to regional and global security.

Our Team

Aaron Reese

Senior Analyst

Ahmed Al-Attar

Assistant Director 

Anthony Biswell

Senior Analyst

Aruba Khalid


Christopher Alkhoury

Senior Analyst

Diala Al Dabbas


Eman Fahim

Operations Assistant

Farah Jdid


Farangiz Atamuradova


Ghada Alhamoud


Iliasse Sdiqui


Karla Green

Managing Editor

Marc Martinez

Senior Analyst

Marri Janeka

Senior Analyst

Micah Loudermilk

Senior Analyst

Miriam Butti


Mishaal Al Gergawi

Managing Director

Mittal Raja


Mohamed Hineidi

Senior Analyst

Mylene Tisserant

Senior Analyst

Myriem Hadj Boussaad

Operations Manager

Omar Shariff


Richard Ferraris

Resource Manager

Rose Murad


Saeed Alwahabi


Safnad Raja

Public Relations Officer

Shilka Kunhimon


Tarik Chelali

Senior Analyst

Usman Naeem

IT Assistant

Zaineb Al Hassani


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In developing new ways of thinking about the world,
Delma is on the lookout for versatile, agile, and curious minds.

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